C250 Celebrates: Columbians Behind the Scenes
Columbians Behind the Scenes Step Out
Columbians Behind the Scenes Step Out
From managing the residence halls to wiring the computers and telecom systems to tending financial information, Columbia's 1,600 administrative employees keep the University running. Without them, life for students, staff and faculty alike would grind to a halt.

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In recognition of their efforts, 26 of these Columbians were chosen to be Columbians Behind the Scenes. Each employee became the subject of a poster created for him or her, modeled on the Columbians Ahead of Their Time advertising campaign developed for Columbia 250. At the 2003 holiday party for their offices -- Administrative Information Services, Student Services, Purchasing, Facilities Management, Human Resources, and Institutional Real Estate - the employees saw their posters displayed on the walls for the 2,000 invited guests to view.

"The Columbians Ahead of Their Time campaign salutes those who have helped to build Columbia's international reputation," said Senior Executive Vice President Robert Kasdin. "Columbians Behind the Scenes pays tribute to those who continue the tradition of excellence, day in and day out."

Each poster features a professionally photographed portrait with text that details the individual's job and history with the University. Common threads appear in the biographical information, notably a deep loyalty to Columbia.

"I was struck by how enthusiastic they all are about working here," said Vice President of Human Resources Colleen Crooker. "To a person, they are proud of what they do, dedicated to the community they serve, and to the institution."

Vice President of Student Services Lisa Hogarty hopes that the idea of Columbians Behind the Scenes will live on through continued use of the posters on campus. "We had no idea how powerful how this idea of featuring employees would be," she said. "The symbolism and artfulness of the portraits resonate with all of us."

Ahead of Their Time
From Alexander Hamilton to Virginia Apgar, the story of Columbia is the story of its people.

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Columbia's history, as seen by those who have studied, taught, and worked here.
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