C250 Celebrates: Columbians Behind the Scenes
Columbians Behind the Scenes Step Out
Carol Arnold Carol Arnold
Reservation Coordinator, Alfred Lerner Hall
Hazel Clark Hazel Clark
Manager, Ferris Booth Commons
Liz Compel Liz Compel
Training Manager, Security
Corinne Hoch Corinne Hoch
Associate Director, AIS Communications Services
Toni Johnson Toni Johnson
Cashier, Ferris Booth Commons
Wilma Jordan Wilma Jordan
Pantry Worker, John Jay Dining Hall
Pam Kelly Pam Kelly
Associate Director, Student Financial Services
Janet Kim Janet Kim
Health Educator, Health Services
Raisa Krupatkina Raisa Krupatkina
Lab Technologist, Health Services at Columbia
Olive Larkin Olive Larkin
Director, Facilities Management
John Lenzi John Lenzi
University Registrar and Executive Director, Student Information Systems
Paul Maya Paul Maya
Manager, Enterprise System Services
Myra Martino Myra Martino
Building Superintendent, Institutional Real Estate
Martha McAndrew Martha McAndrew
Director, Student Housing Services, Institutional Real Estate
Joe McCormick Joe McCormick
Associate Director, Enviromental Health/Radiation Safety
Victor Mercedes Victor Mercedes
Head Pantry, Carleton Lounge
Lorraine Molloy Lorraine Molloy
Technical Instructure Supervisor, AIS
Malik Nawaz Malik Nawaz
Building Superintendent, Institutional Real Estate
Denise Parker Denise Parker
Student Services Representative, University Registrar
Mary Pough Mary Pough
Manager, Sam's Underground Cafe
Dave Roberts Dave Roberts
Associate Director, ID Center
Malina Vega Malina Vega
Senior Space Planner, Facilities Management
Ahead of Their Time
From Alexander Hamilton to Virginia Apgar, the story of Columbia is the story of its people.

Columbians list their favorites.

Write Columbia's History
Columbia's history, as seen by those who have studied, taught, and worked here.
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