Chinese Connection
Chinese Connection Montage
 Chinese Connection

A groundbreaking international academic conference examines Columbia's unique role in modern China's history and the contributions of Chinese students and scholars to the University.

Columbia and Modern China: The Chinese Connection
September 10, 2004, Roone Arledge Auditorium, Alfred Lerner Hall
September 11, 2004, Jerome Greene Hall, Columbia Law School
Morningside Campus

Some three dozen Chinese and American scholars examined Columbia's impact on China's international relations and diplomacy, intellectual development, education, historiography, medical education, scientific development, art, and literature, as well as the role Chinese students and scholars have played in the growth of Columbia and New York.


Taoist Immortal


Columbia Graduates in China's Early 20th-Century Diplomacy

Columbia Graduates and Intellectual Development in Early Republican China

Columbia Graduates and Chinese Educational Development

Columbia and the Development of Chinese Historical Writing

Columbia and Chinese Medical Education

Chinese Scholars at Columbia

Chinese Scientists and Engineers at Columbia

Chinese Artists and Writers at Columbia

Columbia Graduates in New York's Chinese Cultural Life and Social Work

Columbia's Hong Kong Connection

Personal Recollections of Long-Time Columbians

For further information, contact
Gena Chavez (
Weatherhead East Asian Institute
(212) 854-6916

Top image: A woodblock print of a Chinese door god (menshen), a protective image.
From the Anne S. Goodrich Collection, C. V. Starr East Asian Library.

Bottom image: A Ching Dynasty hanging scroll dated to 1748 entitled Taoist Immortal.
From the Columbia University Collections. Gift of Chi-chein Wang.

EAST ASIAN STUDIES AT COLUMBIA Weatherhead East Asian Institute.

HU SHIH Leader in modern China’s emergence.

V.K. Wellington Koo Founder of the modern Chinese foreign service.

CHIEN-SHIUNG WU Pioneering experimental physicist.

LIVING LEGACIES East Asian Studies at Columbia: The Early Years.

LIVING LEGACIES Asian Humanities and Civilizations.
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