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Robert McCaughey, the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of History at Barnard College, has published Stand, Columbia, the first single-volume interpretive history of Columbia University in a hundred years.

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Telling Columbia's story
Professor McCaughey spent six years researching Columbia's history, discovering many fascinating things along the way.  

Read an excerpt
"The Founding of King's College," from the September 2003 issue of Columbia College Today.

Additional background material.

"Through Storms of Time, Columbia Stands"
(Columbia Spectator)

An undergraduate reviewer finds Stand, Columbia "even-handed in its doling of praise and censure and featuring a colorful account of a living, breathing cast of characters."

"Big Plan on Campus" (Village Voice)
John Giuffo (Journalism 2001) reflects on Columbia's past, present and future.

More About Bob

Historian Robert McCaughey on 250 years of Columbia and his thirty years at Barnard.

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