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Jack Elinson

Jack Elinson (1917– )
Sociomedical Scientist
Faculty 1956–68, Emeritus 1968–present

Dr. Elinson joined the faculty of the School of Public Health in 1955 at a time when there was no role for a social scientist in the field and no social scientist in the faculty of the school. In the more than forty years that he served at Columbia as professor, chairman, and mentor, Dr. Elinson was recognized by colleagues as a leader in the development of public health into a sociomedical science. Dr. Elinson was featured in an award winning video, "Jack Elinson: Pioneer in the Sociomedical Sciences." Since retiring from Columbia, he has continued to teach classes and mentor students.

Contributed by Mitchell Elinson, Columbia College 1970, Teachers College 1973, who is solely responsible for the content.

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